Words of Praise for Brainwrap Web Design...

"Many, thanks to you for your direct hands on service in helping to update our Brunetti Pools website! Not only did you provide us with all the information we required to set up our website, but we were able to meet our deadline in getting the site up and running, smoothly and efficiently. It has already proven beneficial toward our marketing efforts and we received our first client complement that our new site is informative and user friendly.

Your ongoing telephone support has been excellent and what a delight it is to find a company where it does not take days and days to for response time. We have already highly recommended Brainwrap to others in need of startup or updating their websites.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to our future business relationship as you continue to host our site and advise us on continued updates to the site!"

--Lisa Lough and Greg Brunetti, Brunetti Pools (Client since 2013)

“Charles Gaba of Brainwrap Web Design has helped with marketing our landscape and pond store for over 10 years. In that time, with Charles’ guidance, our website has gone from a basic presence to a detailed, focused and informative marketing tool. His attention to detail has really kept our website relevant with all the changing social trends. This has included annually updating our website, an email marketing campaign, addition of a newsletter, adding social media to our homepage and creating our very own blog. We feel we are now set up to successfully market to both our current and potential customers.

“We highly recommend using Charles Gaba of Brainwrap Web Design to revamp or develop your website. His complete grasp of computer programming, ability to complete tasks quickly and his accessibility are just a few reasons why we have been so pleased with his performance, and will use Brainwrap Web Design for many years to come.”

--Rocks 'n' Roots Landscape & Pond Supplies (Client since 2002)

"Brainwrap stood out because of the completeness and forthrightness of their content—we found more information about what was involved in website services and websites in general. We could see who their customers were and browse through samples of their sites...we liked the diversity of design that we saw. We really appreciated seeing a page listing a continuum of hosting and services plans.

"There was a sense of simplicity yet competence, refined styling without costly glitz, and a company that could work with an organization such as ours as we grew in our own web experience.

"We didn’t need to call anyone else. Brainwrap has been extremely helpful to Mercy High School; their flexibility and response time to project design and completion is awesome. They were willing to start with our established site and improve it; they educate, research and implement cost-efficient solutions for us on a regular basis, enabling us to add even more functionality to the site."

--Mercy High School (client since 2001)

“Charles has been Mercy High School's webmaster for years and has been a tremendous asset to our organization. His prompt and creative response to our website needs have been invaluable. His diligent monitoring of our site along with providing recommendations for continuous improvement are critical to us as the web becomes increasingly important to overall operations.”

--Mercy High School (client since 2001)

"The great people at Brainwrap helped us get our online business back in a friendly, efficient and cost saving manner. We wanted a web site to help promote and sell our organic spices. We also wanted to keep our business local. So we started looking around and found Brainwrap. Charles and Elisabeth took the time to patiently explain everything about web design, hosting, email and more so we were not intimidated to be on the web. They didn't take advantage of us or the fact that we knew nothing about web sites. Brainwrap is local, trustworthy and caring. We couldn't be happier with our site and the promotion they have given us. Thank you, Brainwrap!"

--Sara Barrett, A Pinch of Spice & More (client since 2012)

"In addition to creating and implementing the Lending Forms web site, Brainwrap was instrumental in developing our fully-featured e-commerce site as well. A consummate listener and problem solver, Charles has worked with LendingForms.com to develop a customized solution that helps meet our customers ordering needs well as allow us to expedite our fulfillment process and ship orders nationwide."

--Mike Berger, LendingForms.com (client since 2001)

"Charles proved to be a reliable source of important information, and was more than able to answer all the questions I needed resolved. He’s skillful at responding to the wants and needs of his clients, and boasts the rare talent for marrying the gritty, esoteric basics of web design with the visionary, aesthetically-pleasing end. As both a satisfied costumer and friend, I would whole-heartedly recommend Charles for any website design project in question.”

--Emma Richardson, EmmaKatRichardson.com (client since 2009)

"I would like to say "thank you" for your commitment of time and effort. You have made such a valuable impact in every aspect of our web presence. From the day you took over the development of all three of my web sites I could not believe the difference in the appearance, performance and traffic on these sites. Your creative and technical talents are to be commended. Again, many thanks."

--Jennifer O'Brien, JCS Computer Resource (client since 2002)

“After searching for a trustworthy company to handle creating and hosting our company’s website, we stumbled across one of Brainwrap’s sites and were very impressed. We were looking for something that would not only look professional and clean, but be easy for the viewer to navigate, link to other sites and easily contact us. After working with Brainwrap, we felt that they developed one of the nicest looking, professional websites in our industry!

“We would not consider choosing a different website design company to work on our site. While our site is only “static” at this time, we have had no issues with glitches, downtime, etc., and if there is a problem that needs correcting, Brainwrap is very responsive! We hope to continue to do business with Brainwrap for many years to come!”

--Gordon Bradley, Pneumatic Technology (client since 2006)

"I am very grateful to be able to work with you and have you redo our website; I am confident that this is going to take our business to a whole new level. I’m also most grateful for the security that you provide us. Thanks for all your hard work on this; it clearly speaks again to the quality of the service you provide."

--Lois Gibbons, Harmony Financial Network (client since 2012)

“Although I'm a technician in the world of leadership coaching, I'm certainly the furthest thing from an IT technician. Charles has been managing my web & email hosting, solving the problems related to those and keeping me up to speed with what web technology can do for my business. For organizations who value relationships, expert guidance and timely response, I highly recommend Charles Gaba from Brainwrap Web Design.”

--Preston True, True Leadership (client since 2006)

"When I lost an employee, Charles came in to offer his help and never even charged me for some of his services, plus he met with us several times before writing our entire website with CLEAN code."

--Jeff Schefke, City of Oak Park (client since 2007)

"Great web site design and great customer service. Have had very positive comments & compliments from our clients from around the world. The web site that Charles designed and created for us has really helped and improved our business. Thank Again!"

--David Tyler, Hawkeye Metalworks (client since 2008)

“Charles' company supplies web services for my amplifier company. He has always been excellent to deal with and I have found that his prices are very reasonable. He provides great value.”

—Graydon Stuckey, GDS Amplification (client since 2006)

"Brainwrap redesigned our analytical science laboratory website last year. Charles was able to mold all of our desires and requirements onto a smooth, clean website. We receive many compliments on the site and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out."

--Midwest Analytical Services (client since 2007)

“I found Charles to be a pleasure to work with. He knows his business, he listens to your wants and needs and he is a consummate professional. When you need a website, this is the guy you need to hire!”

--Larry Stern, Freelance Writer/Producer (client since 2007)