BrainwrAPPS Examples

For a live demo of how your mobile app would work, you can download the Preview App for iPhone or Android!

Here are some Demo App Codes you can use as examples
(for iPhone, enter the App Code in the "Email" field and leave the "Password" field blank)

  • ReginaHS
  • Doetsch
  • NobleSF
  • drjb
  • teamnosleep
  • Wilshire
  • StandAlone
  • atchafalaya
  • MostHated
  • frontporch
  • Tacolicious
  • ocautolaw
  • wjbmortgage
  • viareal
  • WLM
  • expertfinancing
  • taxlaw
  • injurydefense
  • GertlerLaw
  • cout

Alternately, you can also use the web-based App emulator below. Please note that this is a 3rd-party service which may not always have a solid connection. To use the emulator:

  1. Click to launch the PreviewApp service (If the connection is lost, click again until it connects)
  2. Click “OK” to allow it to use your current location.
  3. Click inside the Email Address field, but enter the Demo APP CODE instead.
  4. Click the “NEXT” at the lower right, but leave the Password field blank.
  5. Click the blue “GO” button in the lower right to launch the App Preview
  6. To try a different Demo App, refresh your web browser and start over.