Website Hosting Services

Every website needs to be have all of its' content--pages, graphics, photos, databases and so on--stored on a host, or server, computer. Due to the global nature of the Internet, your website needs to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every time someone visits your website, they may use up a lot of connection flow, or bandwidth, in the process of loading the various pages, photos and other content.

While it is possible to host a website on your own computer, for both of these reasons, most people choose to host their websites with a third-party hosting service. These hosting providers have robust server computers with continuous, very high-speed connections, advanced features including email services, database support and regular backups of their hard drives.

Brainwrap is proud to offer five different hosting packages to our clients, available regardless of whether you choose to have your website designed by us or elsewhere. Every hosting package includes many advanced features; the major differences between the five, aside from pricing, are the amount of server space included; the maximum number of email boxes available; the maximum amount of website traffic allowed; what sort of database support included; and various other features.

  • If you're a sole proprietor or just want a minimal web presence, the Bronze Hosting Package will probably be all you require.​
  • ​If you're running a small business with just a few employees, don't require advanced database design or an advanced ecommerce storefront, you'll probably want to check out the Silver Hosting Package.
  • If your organization is larger, and you want plenty of room for your website to grow, consider the Gold Hosting Package.
  • For tons of space, bandwidth, sub-users and database options, you might even want the Platinum Hosting Package.
  • Finally, if you've grown to the point that you need the works, you could move on up to the Diamond Hosting Package.

Compare all five side by side!

Of course, to actually get started, you'll also have to have a registered domain name to attach your website to, so Brainwrap also offers domain name registration and other domain services. We can transfer an existing domain over from your current registrar; ensure that no one else swipes your domain by extending the registration by up to 10 years; repoint one (or many) domain names to your website (or anywhere else you wish) without requiring actual hosting; and much more. Visit the Domain Name Services page to learn more about Brainwrap's domain services or to see if your preferred domain name is available.