Ecommerce & Shopping Carts: Administration

Brainwrap can bring your online storefront presence to life in the form of the robust, secure, fully customizable and easily managable ecommerce software known as Miva Merchan®. Bundled with the ecommerce hosting package, Miva Merchant allows you to create up to 100,000 different products in any number of categories; control payment methods, shipping methods, tax rates, and availability (by state or country); change pricing; cross-list products under multiple categories; activate or deactive product listings on the fly; manage inventory/stock levels; and much, much more.

There are thousands of different configuration settings, from whether to display the products in a given category by line-item listing or full descriptions; whether to include thumbnail/full-size photos of the products; add-ons and attributes (different sizes, colors, etc.); up-selling and suggestive selling...the list goes on and on. Even better, if there's a specific interface tweak, check-out procedure quirk or other unique twist you'd like to add to your particular online store, it's almost certain to be available from one of the hundreds of third-party Miva Merchant "module" developers who provide "plug-ins" to the Miva architecture.

Click the links below to see screenshots of various Miva administrative pages. These images come from Brainwrap clients Tutto Buono, Rocks 'n' Roots, Lending Forms Inc. and Sunshine Medical Supply: