ACA Signups

A high volume, high traffic site dedicated to tracking enrollments and related data for the Affordable Care Act.

Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs


JAC is committed to the US-Israel relationship as its core issue, while defending social policies consistent with the priorities of the American Jewish community, principally reproductive rights and separation of religion and state.  JAC was the first and for many years the only, bipartisan group to blend its support for the US-Israel relationship with a commitment to a progressive social agenda.


Doetsch Environmental Services

For over 100 years, the Doetsch name and reputation have been synonymous with high quality, professional industrial inspection and cleaning services.



Just Thinking

"What's Going On Here? Well, pretty much....Just Thinking. The truth is, I've got some time on my hands, so I started wandering around the net in an effort to figure out who is doing what, to whom. We have all talked about, and marveled at the sheer volume of stuff available "out there". It goes beyond imagination. It is however, my strongly held opinion, that much of what's available goes unaccessed, and the small part of that which is accessed, mostly goes unread."



Alley 59

Welcome to Alley 59! Clinton Township's Newest and Cleanest Bowling Alley!


Green Building Services PLLC

A Full Service Building Company and Certified HERS rater.

"Green Building Services pllc is dedicated to providing the most thorough and well informed energy and construction solutions for our clients. Whether your motivation is energy efficiency, material use or a healthier environment, Green Building Services pllc is ready to improve the overall performance of your building and create a more sustainable future."

Pneumatic Technology

"Pneumatic Technology has been in the assembly and automation business for over 25 years with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

We would like to be your source for industrial pneumatic components, drillling and tapping equipment, air tools, electric tools, torque-controlled equipment, torque measuring equipment, leak testing equipment and much more!"





Rocks 'n' Roots

The Zendt Family has been in the landscape industry since 1928, accumulating knowledge and uses of traditional landscape materials.

Regina High School

"Transforming Girls into Women of Faith and Vision in the Franciscan Tradition"

"Regina High School is dedicated to nurturing and upholding Christian virtue and academic excellence and aspires to a mission of promoting the moral-spiritual, intellectual-physical, and personal-social growth of young women who face the challenges of the 21st Century."




Mercy High School

Mercy High School - Smartphone"Educating Women Who Make a Difference"

Mercy High School (Desktop)