Email Newsletters

Why would I want to add a mailing list/newsletter?

Focus on your customers: Well, first of all, let’s call it what it really is: Targeted email marketing. Unlike spam, which is sent in carpet-bomb fashion to millions of people whether they want to receive it or not (and usually offering spurious products or services that the recipient has little or no desire to purchase), targeted email newsletters are sent only to existing clients or others who have expressed an interest in receiving occasional information from the sender.

In other words, you’re sending your newsletter only to those who have either been customers of yours in the past, or who have expressed interest in possibly becoming one in the future. Using professional-looking newsletters to stay in touch with your clients helps build stronger customer relationships, and keeps them in the loop for future developments.

Customize the look and feel: You spent a lot of time getting your logo, color scheme and site layout looking the way you want. With rich-text newsletters, you can include photos, graphics and embedded links to jazz it up and call attention to the information you want your customers to know about.

Expand your potential market: Email newsletters are inexpensive, so you can prepare and send them more regularly and for far less expense than printed versions. You can create multiple sub-lists for even greater control over which clients receive which mailings, allowing you to target your messages with more detail. It allows your customers to forward the newsletter to others, broadening your pool of potential business. Adding the “Subscribe” button to your website lets anyone who’s interested in learning more about your business do so easily, without needing any additional sales pitches on your part.

Rich HTML Text EditorTrack your results: With built-in tracking reports, you can see instantly who’s received your newsletter, who’s opened it, and which links they’ve clicked. This helps you modify your website and product & service offerings to get the most effective business response.

Know who’s on the move: In addition to keeping track of who’s receiving your mailings, you’ll also know when your customers have changed their email address with “bounce” reports. This gives you a heads-up on making sure that your contact information is up to date, helping prevent communication misunderstandings in the future.

Save on printing and postage: No stamps, no printing, no ink or toner needed. No extra charges for altering text, changing fonts or colors. No wasted paper or paying extra for unsent copies. Oh, and one more thing: Unlike third-party mailing list services which can charge up to $150 per month, there are no monthly fees! Once the mailing list database and script are set up, you can send practically as many newsletters as you want to as large of a permission-based* list as you need for no extra fees.

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