Feedback Forms

A submission form is used to refer to web-based feedback forms. Basically, they simply allow the user of the form to gather feedback, replies, survey answers, etc. from a visitor to the website. Submission forms can include a variety of data entry field types, including:

Text Fields:
Text Boxes:
Check Boxes:
Option 1
Option 2
Radio Buttons:
Option A
Option B
Drop-Down Menus:
File Browsers:

Submission form fields can also pre-filled or even hidden from view, and can be set up so that specific fields are required to have something entered. This ensures that at least a minimal amount of contact information about the submitter is received. Once the form is Submitted, the data is generally sent as a standard email message to the recipient, in a particular format or order. Since the data is always sent in the exact same order, it is then very easy to keep track of it, in a database format, if desired. An obvious real-world example is the Service Request Form right here on this website.